Texas Students Found Out School Was Canceled In The Most Hilarious Way

Photo: Getty Images

As much of Texas continues to grapple with cold weather and snowy conditions, students are living their best lives since school is canceled.

Students in the Blue Ridge ISD, however, found out school was canceled in a much cooler way than everyone else in the state. Superintendent Matt Kimball took to Facebook to relay the cancelation news and parents sure got a laugh out of it. In a video posted Tuesday (January 31), Kimball is seen running across the snow to let the viewers know that school would be canceled the next day. "No school tomorrow! Stay warm and stay in bed," he says.

Kimball even posted a hilarious blooper!

In another video posted Wednesday with information about classes Thursday and Friday, Kimball is back with another message — this time, on skis. The superintendent is seen wearing a Lady Tiger Softball hoodie skiing toward the camera on the icy streets of Blue Ridge. "It's still icy out here. Looks like we're gonna have to cancel school on Thursday. Stay safe and stay warm," he said to Blue Ridge parents, students and staff.

This time around, there were "no injuries!!" during the filming of his video. 😂

At the time of this writing, Blue Ridge ISD has not yet made a decision about whether or not classes will continue Friday, February 3. Please stay tuned to your local news stations and school districts for updates about school closures in Texas.

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