'Scared To Death': Texas Resident Reflects After Tornado Rips Through Area

Photo: Getty Images

Some Texas residents have been left to picking up the pieces after a tornado ripped through the state on Tuesday (January 24th). KHOU 11 reported that an EF3 tornado touched down in the community of Deer Park.

Bobby Slocum, the owner of m, used a gas generator to keep the beer cold for his visitors on Wednesday. Slocum said, "You just for to put one foot in front of the other and do a little at a time because it's a big chore. But I feel bad for the people who had it a lot worse than me."

The workers at Slocum's bar had to fight for their lives during Tuesday's storm. Slocum said, "This one was bad. They were scared to death."

His bar was spared, but neighbors on his block weren't as lucky.

One resident Lee McDaniel, nine-month-old Presley, and six other family members were inside their home at the time of the storm. McDaniel said, "I seen the roof coming off and I made him and my wife go in the bathroom, and I kind of bunkered down near the fridge in case the rood caved in."

The storm destroyed the family's home, auto upholstery business, and one of their vehicles. "You see we've already got our plywood up, we've got windows covered up, we've got tarps on the roof. All we can do is build it better," McDaniel said.

The family says they survived the tornado because they did what they were supposed to. "And that's why they say stay away from the windows."

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