Insane Video Shows Texas Postal Worker Stuck Riding Out Tornado In Truck

Photo: Getty Images

Tuesday's tornadoes brought tons of damage to Texas. One insane video shows a postal worker riding out the scary storm in his delivery truck.

KENS 5 reported that Brian Mead, a mail carrier in Deer Park was delivering mail when he was caught in the vicious tornado. Mead took a video of the storm swirling around him.

The scary video shows blinding rain and debris flying around outside his truck. The tree branches can be seen bending in the wind and things were being thrown against his window.

Thankfully, Mead was not injured in the storm.

Check out the crazy video at the link below:

This wasn't the first time someone was recently caught in their vehicle during a tornado in Texas. In December, Blake Foster was driving on his way home when he heard the tornado sirens. Just moments later, he noticed that what seemed to be a tornado passed right over him. His only protection from the storm was his Toyota Tundra, and he caught it all on camera.

Check it out below:

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