Texas Man Caught Red (Wine) Handed Breaking Into House, Raiding Fridge

Photo: Getty Images

A Texas man allegedly broke into a woman's home while she was home.

Sloan Foster found the man inside her kitchen after making his way inside her North Austin home using the back door, FOX 7 reports. She said she heard a noise and when she went to check it out, she was startled when she found a man near her open fridge. He had a bottle of wine in one hand and a half-drunk Gatorade in the other.

"He said, 'I don’t have anything.' He claimed the Gatorade was his, even though I knew it wasn't, but I didn't want a half-drunk Gatorade. I really wanted the wine back though," Foster said.

Foster said the man was about 5-foot-9 and was wearing a black Adidas sweatshirt, black jeans and no shoes. He said he came inside "because her back door was unlocked," the news outlet reports.

"Just complete and utter shock that someone is in my house and in my space and how they got in here, and they felt comfortable enough, like you said, to walk in my backyard and come into my home and take the risk of me being here," Foster said. "He said for me not to shoot him, and he was down on his luck, and I told him he had three seconds to get out of my house, or I'd shoot him."

Foster said the man didn't hurt her. She immediately upped her security and is urging neighbors to do the same. "Everyone needs to raise their vigilance, lock doors at all times, just be more aware, and the most important thing is to have a voice, use it, scream, say get out, give direction," she said.

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