Viral TikTok Highlights What Texans Refuse To Share With Other States

Photo: Getty Images

One viral TikTok highlighted the one thing that Texans absolutely refuse to share with other states, and I couldn't agree more.

My San Antonio reported that TikTok user Oli Pettigrew mentioned how Texans are typically very generous, sharing their lawn mowers, barbecues, and even their trucks. But there's still one thing they won't give up.

Pettigrew said in the video:

"There's one thing Texans absolutely point blank refuse to share with an of the other 49 states in America. It's theirs. It's a secret. It makes them feel special. You can't have it, and it's only three letters."

That's right- he's talking about H-E-B.

Pettigrew showed what H-E-B is in case there were people watching from other states, which there likely were. The video received more than 833,000 views and more than 176,000 likes.

Pettigrew wrote in the caption:

"When we'd take trips to Texas one of the first things we would do is visit this store- now that we live here it's the best. Don't live in Texas? TOUGH- you'll have to visit here to try it."

Check out the viral TikTok video below:

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