Truck Spills Cow Intestines On Texas Road: 'Worst Smell I Ever Smelled'

Photo: Getty Images

A truck full of cow intestines spilled all over a Texas road and residents are plugging their nose at the pungent (understatement) smell.

Officials said the incident occurred at Hardy Street and Cavalcade Street in Houston around 4 p.m. Wednesday (August 3). The city was quick to clear the mess, but the smell is still lingering. It's still unclear what truck company caused the cow intestine spill, according to KHOU.

Houston residents said they've never experienced a smell like this before. "I have not ever encountered anything like this before. This is a first, but definitely the worst smell I ever smelled," Tahj Scott told KHOU.

Jerry Benoit mirrored the same sentiment. "It's horrible. Most people are walking around gagging," he said.

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