Texas Homeowner's AC Unit Stolen Amid Heat Wave: How To Prevent It

Photo: Getty Images

A Texas homeowner is offering his neighbors some friendly advice after his air conditioning unit was stolen in the middle of the night.

Craig Kasper, who owns a home in the Shepard Forest area in Houston, said the suspects cut the wires of his AC unit, cut the copper and "hauled off the unit," according to Click 2 Houston. The man said his AC unit might have been targeted since you can see it from the street without a fence.

"A new unit can vary, $1,400, $1,500. Plus the install cost and the coolant that goes in it. You’re probably looking at over two grand easy just for that," Kasper said.

Since the theft, Kasper said he replaced the unit and made a few changes so this doesn't happen again. "We just extended the fence line. Just a physical barrier," he said.

Experts say it's likely the thieves aren't after the AC unit itself, but want the copper, platinum and other metals, Click 2 Houston reported. To prevent this from happening to you, experts suggest:

  • Installing motion lights
  • Buying a custom-made steel cage
  • Fencing the unit in
  • Installing an alarm

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