Texas Is Home To One Of 'The Best College Town Burgers In America'

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College towns truly have a life of their own with small dives serving up delicious foods, tons of foot traffic, and college events seemingly every day. No matter what college town you lived in, there was sure to be a place serving up the best burger in town.

Mashed ranked the best college town burgers in America. The website states, "We found America's best college town burgers in karaoke bars, barbecue joints, dive bars, shacks, and everywhere in between –– just bring your best sports jersey and stretchy pants."

A burger from one Texas college town made the list. The Lockhart Legend at Grub burger Bar in College Station landed at number 10 on the list. The website explains what makes it so great:

"Their homemade sauces shine on signature burgers like their Lockhart Legend Burger with onion rings, bacon, cheese, and their house-made Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce. In addition to plant-based and mushroom burgers, you can wash everything down with optional classic or unique milkshakes –– make sure you try the boozy ones, like their E.T. Drunk Dial spiked milkshake with Screwball peanut butter whiskey, Reese's Pieces, and topped with a peanut butter cookie."

Click here to check out the full list.

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