Spurs Add Three New Logos To Brand Identity

Photo: Getty Images

The San Antonio Spurs today announced they are expanding their visual identity to include three new secondary logos. These new marks help broaden the team’s brand with three adaptable logos, while staying true to the Spurs iconic legacy. This announcement is part of the team’s season-long celebration taking place during the 2022-23 campaign to commemorate 50 years of Spurs basketball in San Antonio beginning in 1973.

The secondary collection includes a Texas-shaped design, an SATX wordmark and an SATX basketball logo.

Texas alternate logo – Modern yet minimal, this Texas crest connects fans across the globe to the heart of our home:

SATX wordmark alternate logo – A shorthand for the city of San Antonio, this new letter mark highlights our hometown, our region and our state in just four letters:

SATX basketball alternate logo – Bold in black, this classic basketball badge adds a local edge to our on-court look:

The longstanding primary Spurs logo and icon featuring the classic spur design, as well the team’s global logo and wordmarks will remain unchanged:

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