This Is The Most Unique Hotel In Texas

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Hotels can be a vessel for exploring new cities or a way of escaping every day life just to relax. There are tons of great hotels located right here in the state that offer the perfect atmosphere for an epic staycation, but only one can take the crown as being the "most unique."

Thrillist compiled a list of each state's most unique hotel. The website states, "Some you’ll need to head underwater or underground to reach; some are essentially bougie summer camps; others are straight-up helicopters. But all of the above are unique in a way you’ll happily write home about."

According to the list, the most unique hotel in Texas is Hotel Emma in San Antonio. Thrillist explains what makes it so unique:

"What, pray tell, could better enhance a vacation than beer and drama? That’s right: Nothing. Fashioned by the same design duo responsible for the Ace Hotels, Hotel Emma offers guests a choice of welcome drink: one being a Pearl beer, representative of the hotel’s 150+ year old history as a former brewhouse, and another being a Three Emmas cocktail, named for the wife and two mistresses—ALL NAMED EMMA!—of the late brewery owner Otto Koehler, shot and killed by one of the mistresses in 1914 and replaced as the boss by his wife the day after his murder. Luckily today, there are far fewer “incidents” and way more suds, bookspool timefood, and events."

Click here to check out the full list of each state's most unique hotel.

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