San Antonio Zoo Completes Iconic Parking Garage

San Antonio Zoo completed the artwork installation on its animal-themed parking garage this week, including giraffes, Monarch butterflies, a Bengal tiger, and signage to U.S. 281 scenery. In addition, recently installed lighting added additional nighttime ambiance to the newly completed parking garage.

The parking garage opened to the public in October 2019 and added additional visitor parking to San Antonio Zoo, Kiddie Park, Will Smith Zoo School, and guests to Alamo Stadium, Animal Defense League, and other amenities in and around Brackenridge Park. The new additions to the structure hint at the zoo's past, present, and future.

"San Antonio Zoo is a world-renowned conservation leader," said President & CEO San Antonio Zoo, Tim Morrow. "The animals that adorn the parking garage are a nod to all the amazing work our teams do around the planet to secure a future for wildlife and give thanks to the zoo's founder, Colonel George W. Brackenridge. This project has been a herculean effort we couldn't have done without the incredible cooperation of the architects, designers, construction teams, and our zoo crew. I stand by my belief that we have the most beautiful parking garage on the planet, and I am proud to bring this to the city of San Antonio."

Located near the zoo's entrance on Tuleta Drive, it sits in front of the San Antonio Safari and Adventure Park, a recently-opened area adjacent to San Antonio Zoo, where the medieval-themed Dragon Forest currently operates through Halloween.

Photos Courtesy: San Antonio Zoo

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