Cuellar: Illegal Immigrants From Around The World Crossing At South Border

Photo: Getty Images

A Texas Congressman says most of the illegal immigrants caught at the southern border are single men from Central America, but they're joined by people from around the world, WOAI news reports

Henry Cuellar says Border Patrol is catching illegals from Romania, India, Africa and China. 

That's backed up by the new head of the Border Patrol, Chief Raul Ortiz. He tells WOAI's Michael Board that - mixed in with the masses - there are migrants from countries with ties to terrorism.

"Someone from Yemen. Someone from Somalia. Someone from Turkey. Do we apprehend those? Oh yea. Each and every day."

Chief Ortiz told a town hall in McAllen that Border Patrol agents are working with Customs officers to monitor people coming from the Middle East.

Congressman Cuellar says he fears President Biden will eliminate the public health order known as Title 42, which is used to quickly deport migrants. If that happens, he says people will rush the ports and clog the system more than it already is.

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