Watson Attorney Happy Therapists Have To Reveal Identities

The attorney for Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is glad the massage therapists accusing Watson of sexual misconduct will have to reveal themselves. Rusty Hardin told reporters today a judge's order on their identities means he'll be able to investigate the claims and see which ones are true and which aren't. Hardin says Watson lives on Instagram and it wasn't strange for him to use it to schedule massages. He also says it isn't odd for Watson to get multiple massages a week due to his job as an NFL quarterback. Hardin adds he didn't want to accuse the masseuses of lying until he had evidence while blasting the destruction of Watson's reputation. He adds two female attorneys spent days with Watson and believe he's innocent.

Almost two dozen civil suits have been filed by attorney Tony Buzbee claiming Watson behaved inappropriately and forced at least one to perform a sex act. Hardin and Watson have denied wrongdoing, saying one masseuse demanded $100,000 to stay quiet. Hardin also noted there were consensual encounters between Watson and the therapists.

Buzbee also says the women have always been okay with their identities being released and believes the judge's order will give them more credibility. He defended originally keeping the 22 women anonymous, noting sometimes he pushes for things which don't turn out to be helpful. 

Houston police and the NFL are investigating.