Austin Voters Approve Transportation Initiative

Austin voters approve a massive tax increase to fund an ambitious transportation initiative.

Austin’s taxes are going to go up 25% thanks to voters approving Proposition A, the $7.1 billion dollar Project Connect funding mechanism.

58% of voters said a resounding YES to building three train lines and digging a tunnel under downtown. Voters also said yes to Proposition B which will raise taxes on a $460 million dollar bond to build sidewalks, urban trails and Vision Zero, the initiative to end all traffic deaths. This is the first time Austin voters have approved a rail proposition by the city.

"I’m proud to live in a city that is looking to its future -- one not satisfied with the status quo. Austin is pushing to be more sustainable, equitable, and affordable in new and innovative ways," said Mayor Steve Adler. "The community has spoken and it demands transformative change to traffic, climate and to achieve fundamental fairness and justice for all. Thank you to the broad and deep coalition that worked so hard. Record numbers of voters, especially those young and new, showed up to make “change” the winner tonight. I look forward to working with my Council colleagues and City staff, Randy Clarke and Capital Metro, and our community’s equity advocates to implement this long-sought victory."

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