Grandma Shamed For Letting Baby Fall But Saving Falling Glass Of Champagne

Any parent or caregiver can tell you that when you have a kid in the house, you can never really let your guard down. It's a lesson a grandmother learned the hard way and now, she's getting both shamed and celebrated for it on Twitter. A short, dramatic video of the woman has gone viral and in it, she has to decide whether to let her young grandchild fall, or her glass of champagne. She saves her drink and the child drops to the ground.

Everything happens so quickly - the grandma is sitting on a couch, holding up the tiny toddler, who is adorable in a striped onesie. The baby is standing at a trunk that's has two glasses of bubbly on top of it. The child grabs one and as the grandmother attempts to take it back from the kid, she winds up emptying some of the drink on the child, then uses the hand that was supporting the baby to protect the rest of the drink, and thus causes the toddler to fall.

The clip was shared on Twitter with the caption, "When you've finally become an adult and have your priorities straight."

The responses are varied, but many took the opportunity to shame the grandma for allowing the baby to be so close to drinks and glasses. Others decided to criticize her for saving the drink and not her grandchild, saying, "She could've easily just picked up the baby instead of dropping the baby to save her half a glass of wine," and "The baby wasn't falling until the let her go."

Plenty of people defended the woman's actions though, writing things like, "Kids bounce. Broken glass sucks to get out of carpet," and, "If she let the glass drop the baby would've fallen on it and got hurt so yes, this is responsible parenting."

The video ends before we can see what happened next, but it is probably safe to assume that the child probably shed a few tears but in the end was okay.

Photo: Getty Images

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