Spurs Lose To Nets 124-119 In Bubble Scrimmage

The San Antonio Spurs are 0-2 in scrimmage play in Orlando after losing to the Brooklyn Nets 124-119. Derrick White led the team with 22 points, Bryn Forbes had 15, while Marco Belinelli and Lonnie Walker IV added 14 each. Drew Eubanks had 12 points to round out the players in double-figures.

Here were the team's post game comments:

Spurs Assistant Coach Mitch Johnson:

(On Derrick White being aggressive offensively tonight…)

“Yeah I think when this whole shutdown happened and we restarted back up, we started talking about different combinations, different lineups and obviously we’ve started our scrimmages with Dejounte [Murray], Derrick [White], DeMar [DeRozan], Lonnie [Walker IV] and Jakob [Poeltl]. Those guys that typically are usually out there with a specific shooter whether it’s Bryn [Forbes] or Marco [Belinelli], or something like that. You know, aren’t always taking on that role with the attempts. Getting those guys more aggressive from the three-point line, looking for those whether they’re off the catch and shoot or off the dribble. We did a good job of that tonight.”

(On what he’s looking for in the development of the Spurs younger players…)

“The biggest thing is just experience and reps. You kind of have to figure out what that looks like, what they all do while they’re all on the court together. Some of that may be something we don’t even know now. There’s kind of part of this where you want to see success, you want to see different guys do certain things, but we also have to evaluate what it looks like. It’s kind of a balancing act of both of those things. We want them to be aggressive. We want them to set the tone defensively and we want them to try to play fast offensively and be aggressive.”

(On team bonding in the bubble…)

“It’s different because you don’t have your family, your friends, extracurricular actives. It forces guys to hang out whether that’s in the team room or just in the team setting or just when they’re back in the hotel because guys are tired of being in their hotel room all day by themselves. It’s cool in that regard.”

(On acting as Head Coach tonight…)

“It’s fine. It’s just basketball. I’m not doing anything different then we’ve done or talked about as a staff. When you get into coaching it’s something you have a passion about. It was fun, so I appreciate the opportunity.”

Spurs Guard Derrick White:

(On starting with Dejounte Murray and Lonnie Walker IV…)

“It’s exciting, but we’re still trying to learn how to play with each other because we haven’t done it much. Just go out there and play hard. Every time we’re out there it’s a chance to get better.”

(On looking to take more three-point shots…)

“I’ve just been putting a lot of work in. Trying to be more consistent with it so every time I’m open, just try to knock it down. I’m not trying to force anything, but a lot of teams aren’t really guarding me out there, so I have to make them pay.”

(On team bonding in the bubble…)

“It’s just us out here so we try to hang out with each other more and then on the court, it’s another chance to play. If we weren’t playing, I’m sure we would find a different way to be playing pick up or whatever it might be. It’s another chance to play. Another chance to get better.”

Photo: Getty Images

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