3 Things To Know Today

1 Trump Talks Race Relations With Regard To Police

As the country continues to figure out how to improve relations between police and the Black community, President Trump sat down for an interview with CBS News. In it, he was asked why “so many Black Americans continue to be killed by law enforcement.” His position? More white people are. "What a terrible question to ask,” he told reporter Catherine Herridge. “So are White people. More White people, by the way. More White people." Thing is? There are many studies showing that while white people have plenty of trouble in dealing with police, Black Americans are killed by the police at much higher rates than White people. While research published by Harvard, shows that the number of White people killed by the police between 2013 and 2017 was higher than any other demographic, there is a significant body of research that shows otherwise. A 2016 study shows that Black men ages 15-34 were nine times more likely than other Americans to be killed by law enforcement officers, and they were killed at four times the rate of young white men A 2018 study found that Black men are roughly 3.5-times more likely to be killed by law enforcement than White men. A study published in 2019 found that one in 1,000 Black men in the U.S. can expect to die at the hands of police over the course of their lifetimes. Matthew Miller, a veteran gun violence researcher and professor of health sciences and epidemiology at Northeastern University, co-authored a study on civilians who were shot and killed by police officers between 2014 and 2015. In March, he published a study showing that about 1,000 people are shot to death by police officers every year. Miller’s work shows that Black Americans were twice as likely to be shot and killed by police officers, compared with their representation in the population. In other words, while there are fewer Black Americans in the mix, the numbers of deaths are actually higher with regsad .

2 CDC Says We’ll See Pretty Immediate Results By Wearing Masks

The CDC is no longer just recommending Americans wear face coverings in public. The agency is officially calling on everybody to put on a mask to help slow the spread of coronavirus. CDC leaders wrote an editorial in the Journal of the American Medical Association. They argued studies show universal masking could lead to the U.S. getting the outbreak under control. This comes the same day CDC Director Robert Redfield pushed for both the president and vice president to set an example and wear masks. Dr. Redfield said he’s sad to see the topic so politicized and added, “I think if we can get everyone to wear masks right now, we can bring this under control within four, six, eight weeks.” Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical company Moderna is reporting its potential coronavirus vaccine is promising after all 45 patients in its human trial produced a "robust" immune response. The group given the highest dose had four times the amount of antibodies than recovered COVID-19 patients. The company is continuing to track how long the immune response lasts and plans to follow patients for a year after they're given the vaccination. Their report was published in the peer-reviewed “New England Journal of Medicine.”

3 Justice Ginsburg Hospitalized With Possible Infection

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is in the hospital for a possible infection. A statement from the high court says the 87-year-old is resting comfortably at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. According to SCOTUS reps, she had a fever and chills and underwent a procedure to clean out a bile duct stent. She'll be in the hospital for a few days to receive antibiotic treatment intravenously. Ginsburg has had numerous health setbacks in the past few years including battles with cancer.

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