Woman Films Baby Bump, Is Terrified When Eerie Figure Appears On Video

As pregnant women get closer to their due dates and their bellies grow larger, they are actually able to see their babies moving in there. Plenty choose to film it and share it online, and while it might be freaky to some viewers to see an unborn child shifting inside his or her mom, there was something way freakier in one expectant mom's video.

The mom-to-be recorded her baby bump as she laid on a bed, and shared it to Snapchat, captioning it "My heart is actually breaking" because she recently had to put one of her cats down and her other cat can be heard crying in the video. What she didn't notice was a terrifying figure pop up at the end of the clip.

(Note: you might have to click through to Reddit below to see the full video)

The woman's brother posted it to Reddit, asking what others thought of the footage. He noted that his sister was staying in a house for a week, all alone with just her cat and dog, and that was her last night there. She didn't notice the figure, which commenters compared to a "head popping up," until after she watched the video again. Her cat and dog are white so it definitely wasn't them. She did say that during her entire stay there "the house felt heavy and like someone was watching her."

No one could explain what the shadowy shape was but everyone agreed it was creepy.

Photo: Reddit/malakaijamess

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