270 San Antonio City Workers Furloughed

The city of San Antonio is furloughing approximately 270 city workers as a result of revenue declines caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Hotel Occupancy Tax revenues to the City of San Antonio have declined by tens of millions of dollars as a result of the COVID-19 public health crisis, and today the City of San Antonio made the difficult decision to furlough approximately 270 employees at the Convention Center, Alamodome, and other HOT-funded departments. Minimum staff levels will be maintained for the maintenance and security of the Convention Center and Alamodome.

“These employees are valued members of our team, but with little to no events scheduled for several months, the revenue shortfalls are so significant that we have to take steps now to put us in a position to ramp up operations again when the public health crisis subsides,” said City Manager Erik Walsh. “I want these employees to know that they are still part of the City of San Antonio family, and we are doing what we can to support them and their families during this difficult time.

These employees will receive their regular pay from April 9th to April 22nd.The furloughs are effective on April 23rd and are expected to last through July 31st, unless otherwise adjusted.Those furloughed will remain employees of the City of San Antonio, and during the furlough, they will continue to receive healthcare coverage. The City will mass file for unemployment insurance benefits for all of the furloughed employees to facilitate the process.

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