Governor: Mandatory Quarantine For Travelers From New York And New Orleans

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott is issuing a mandatory quarantine for people visiting from several other states to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Abbott says travelers from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and the city of New Orleans will have to stay away from people 14 days or the duration of their stay in Texas. They'll have to fill out a form with the Texas Department of Public Safety designating their quarantine location and other identification details. State troopers will then conduct visits to the quarantine locations. Travelers can not go outside or have visitors. Violators could be fined or get 180 days in jail.

"The State of Texas continues to act upon the recommendations of top state, federal, and local health experts as we implement a comprehensive strategy to limit the spread of COVID-19,” said Governor Abbott. "The New York Tri-State Area and the City of New Orleans have become major centers of this pandemic, and it is vital that we take necessary precautions to prevent additional exposure that could originate from people traveling from these areas to Texas. This Executive Order is another important measure we are taking to protect the health and safety of Texans, and we will continue to take any action necessary to mitigate exposure to COVID-19 in our state." 

“We know we have more work ahead of us as we combat the spread of COVID-19 in Texas,” Abbott said.

“In typical Texas fashion, Texans are always prepared to deal with whatever challenge that may come our way and we do it both with a sense of resiliency as well as a sense of compassion. And I am incredibly proud to see the way my fellow Texans are responding to this challenge.”

“With each day we get closer and closer to eventually being able to put this behind us,” Abbott said. “

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