UTSA Beginning Several Activities to Fire Up Students About the Census

Census related activities are springing up all over the region, and UTSA has begun a series of activities to make sure students participate in the upcoming head count, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The purpose of the events will be to point out to students how important federal funding, which is completely based on the Census, is to higher education.

"The Census helps benefit higher education through increased federal dollars, through things like the Pell Grant, and we have a large number of our student who receive that," said Charlin Jones-Chavez, the Senior Director of Student Activities at UTSA.

Census taking has not yet started here, Census forms have begin arriving in the mail in rural Alaska, and people in San Antonio should start receiving Census forms in late February or early March.

Jones-Chavez says UTSA plans several events over the coming several months to fire up students about the Census, including an event on Census Day itself April 1.

Jones-Chavez says many people who are attending college don't participate because they don't consider the dorm, frat house, or apartment whether they live to be their permanent residents, considering that to be their family home.

But she says that's not the case, and that misconception costs universities a lot of money.

"Its important to be counted where you 'rest your head,' as the Census Bureau would say, a majority of the year," she said.

Several other activities by several groups are planned to insure a 'complete count.' Virtually everything the federal and state governments do, from drawing Congressional and Legislative districts to allocating funding for poverty programs to law enforcement, is based on the population that has been determined in the most recent Census.

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