San Antonio Counts the Homeless

Homelessness has become a major issue nationwide, as numbers of homeless people on streets from Austin to San Francisco and rising arcoss the country. That is largely due to higher prices for housing, but drug addiction and other social problems are also blamed for it.

So how many homeless people are there in San Antonio?

All night, hundreds of volunteers, from Mayor Nirenberg on down, have been poking their heads inside tents and under bridges, as well as canvassing homeless shelters and flophouse hotels, in the annual 'Point in Time' homeless count.

The Bexar County Sheriff's Department is assisting with the count.

The goal is not only to measure the number of people in San Antonio who are homeless, but also determine how many of them are childre, how many are couples, man and women. Also to determine, to the extent possible, what led them to homelessness.

Teams fanned out from the TriPoint Center north of downtown, the Centro office downtown.

The Point of Time is sponsored by the South Texas Alliance for the Homeless (SARAH), as it fights homlessness and measures its progress.

In 2019, San Antonio counted 2872 homeless people in the Point in Time Count.