She Code Hopes to Attract More Girls and Young Women into Tech

Is there any reason why three quarters of all jobs in tech are held by men? The tech field sprung up after women generally entered the work force and were receiving advanced degrees, there are no physical limitations, but still, women are very underrepresented in tech, which is the largest generator of wealth in America today.

A program called She Code Connect, which was created by the Youth Code Jam and the 80/20 Foundation, will work with schools to change that.

Frances Coronel, who is a software engineer at Slack and the founder of the podcast TechQueens, says it didn't always be that way.

"Back in the day, more computer programmers were actually women," she said. "But when companies like IBM became popular, that more men entered the field."

She says that led to the creation of the 'computer nerd' personality, introverted and mathematical, which more often applied to men than women.

But She Code will work with teachers, parents, students, and the tech industry to change that.

"Its about the diversity of perspectives," she said. "If you can look somewhere else, you are going to build new things, and build better products."

She says there are changes that can be made to interest women in the tech field.

"One thing that would make a huge change is a change in policy. We should make Computer Science required, like math is requred like biology is required, we will have a lot more people exposed. Just like we dont' become biologists and historians, we study all those things, and we should be studying technology."

Coronel says what is called 'Imposter Syndrome' is a major barrier to girls getting into tech, the idea that, 'I'm not a math genius, so there is no place for me in tech.'

"There are many fields within software engineering, and you don't have to be a math genius to go into any of them."