Spurs Have Made Changes to AT&T Center Traffic Patterns to Smooth Mobility

Spurs Sports and Entertainment have made significant changes to the transportation system at the AT&T Center as the 2019-202 Spurs and Rampage seasons get underway, including the use of a tethered drone over the stadium which will provide 'real time' monitoring' of traffic situations in the area, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Several new exists have been added to Lots 3 and 4 that will make for a 'more seamless' exit from the arena. Each exit has been given its own lane onto AT&T Center Parkway or East Houston Street. The lots have also been resurfaced and restriped to make it easier for drivers find the exits. Parking on the curb will no longer be allowed in any lot.

New crosswallks have been created for pedestrians crossing the two main streets after games, and fans will no longer be permitted to cross the streets outside of these two zones.

Real time traffic information will also be pushed out through the Spurs App, and drivers can follow the traffic situation as they drive to the game, to be updated on any traffic changes.

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