Early Voting Begins Today for Constitutional Amendment Election

Its time to vote again. 1200 WOAI reports that today is the opening day for early voting for next month's Constitutional amendment election, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Bexar County Elections Administrator Jacque Callanen is not expecting a huge voter turnout.

"The amendment elections are very low turnout, it's just the nature of the beast," she said.

But she says that makes this a wonderful opportunity to roll out new voting machines that can be used for the 2020 election, where the turnout may hit records.

36 early voting sites will have the new voting machines recently purchased by the county up and running, so all of the potential bugs in the brand new machines can be worked out during a low impact election.

But Callanan says even though there are no candidates on the ballot, there are several state Constitutional amendments which were approved by the Texas Legislature in the 2019 session.

Among the items up for public vote are a measure that would include a constitutional prohibition against creation of a state income tax, which means no income tax could ever be imposed in Texas without a vote of the people. Voters will decide whether to designate all of the sales tax revenue received from the sale of sporting goods for maintenance of state parks, and will decide whether to allow the handlers of service animals to adopt them when the retire from police or fire department work. Currently, retired service animals are designated as 'surplus property,' which means the county has to 'auction, donate, or destroy them.'

Voters will decide on whether the Texas Legislature should be allowed to grant a temporary property tax exemption to people who live in a declared disaster area, whether to increase funding for the state's cancer research fund, and whether a municipal judge should be allowed to serve in more than one municipal court at a time. That measure is written for smaller communities who occasionally have trouble filling municipal court seats.

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