Iconic Kiddie Park Opens its Doors at its New Location

After a little more than a two month delay to move, the nation's oldest children's amusement park, Kiddie Park, today opened its doors at its new location, on St. Mary's right in front of the San Antonio Zoo, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Kiddie Park, which had operated nearly since it first opened in 1925, on Broadway in front of Brackridge Park, was forced to close its doors July 4th because the development along Broadway had made it too difficult for customers to find parking.

Kiddie Park is now operated by the Zoo, and San Antonio Zoo Marketing Director Hope Roth says they went out of their way to respect the historic nature of Kiddie Park.

"We wanted to keep Kiddie Park in all of its integrity," she said. "It is a beloved nostalgic institution here in San Antonio."

She says the rides were simply picked up, moved, and re-installed at the new location. All of the signs, all of the clown-heads on the rides, all are the same as before.

"It is still no fee to enter, you do not have to buy a Zoo entry in order to enter Kiddie Park, it is two separate entrances."

And, she says the price of a ticket on each of the rides is exactly the same as it was before.

On top of that, the legendary Kiddie Park birthday parties are back up and running!

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