Deputies Involved in Two Overnight Chases

Bexar county deputies were involved in two vehicle chases within two hours overnight, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The first started on the city's east side in the 400 block of Cravens, when a driver sped away from a routine traffic stop.

Deputies gave chase across the south side, until the driver decided to pull over on Clark Ave, not far from where the chase began.

When deputies approached the car, the driver was still drinking a beer, which may be why he decided to try to speed away to begin with. He was charged with evading and DWI.

Two hours later, a chase was on again, this time it started when deputies were called to a disturbance on Presa St. near Loop 410 on the south side.

When deputies arrived they noticed a vehicle speeding away from them and they tried to stop it.

The male driver and a female passenger instead sped away, reaching speeds of 95 mph as they drove through the south side, ignoring red lights.

Deputies became alarmed at the reckless nature of the chase, so they threw tire spikes onto I-37.

The vehicle came to a rolling stop, where the driver was arrested for having outstanding warrants.

The female passenger was also detained.


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