City Council Approves Major Climate Change Action Plan

San Antonio City Council today approved a thirty year plan to fight climate change, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"The science is clear," City Sustainability Director Doug Melnick said. "Climate change is occurring, itis being caused by human activity, and it is accelerating, and cities across the United States and around the world are taking action. We're not the only ones addressing this."

The Climate Action Plan is a key priority of Ron Nirenberg's term as mayor,

Melnick said the plan includes no citizen mandates, but he said the city will begin the process near year of moving toward converting its significant fleet of vehicles to electric.

He says a Community Action Committee and a Climate Equity committee will take key roles in implementing the climate plan.

"Then in March, City Council will approve those advisory committee members, and then we hit the ground running, beginning to hold meetings," he said.

He said the goal of the plan is carbon neutral energy in San Antonio by 2050, but officials said there are no plans to order citizens to get rid of their gasoline powered cars. Melnick said a carbon neutral status can be achievd by other means, including carbon capture.

The City's building permit policy will be upgraded to reduce the energy loss from buildings.

The City wil also attempt to improve free market solutions, like installing more electric vehicle recharging devices around the city, to make it easier for citines to purchase and drive electric vehicles.

One advocate called today's approve 'baby steps' and said the plan will be constantly reworked over the next several years to come into compliance with acceptied science toward combatting climate change.

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