Texas Could be Biggest Winner in the 2020 Census

Texas' amazing population explosion over the past decade leaves the state in position to become the only state in the country to add three more Congressional seats as a result of the 2020 Census.

"The nation's growth has been 6% nationally," San Antonio Intergovernmental Relations Director Jeff Coyle told a City Council committee. "Texas has grown 14 percent. We are the fastest growing, by percentage, in the country."

Coyle said Texas has added 3,555,731 people in the last decade, a population growth figure that leaves even other fast growing states like Florida in the dust. Florida is expected to add two Congressional seats, with Arizona, North Carolina, Colorado, Oregon, and Montana adding one.

California, according to figures compiled by the office of the Texas State Demographer may actually lost a Congressional seat, because its growth has not kept up with national numbers, let along Texas.

"Notably, a number of states are losing population," Coyle said.

And he says the population growth in Texas is not playing out evenly, either.

"A total of 72 out of the 254 counties in Texas are expected to lose population," he said.

Those are mainly in rural east and west Texas, while the explosive growth has mainly been in the big cities, and especially,, in the suburban areas around the big cities.


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