San Antonio Fire Fighter Hit By Truck

A San Antonio Fire Fighter was hit by a truck while responding to reports of a fire at a hotel east of downtown, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

"I can confirm that we had one fire fighter who was struck by a vehicle while we were responding to the Comfort Suites for a call for smoke," Spokesman Woody Woodward says.

The initial call came in about 6:30 Tuesday morning for a possible electrical fire on Live Oak st. Crews rushed to the scene, were no flames were found. Instead, there was an odor of smoke that filled the building

It's unclear what the circumstances were as the fire fighter was struck by the truck.

"He was transported priority one, high priority, in critical condition," Woodward says.

The department has planned a noon briefing to update the condition of the fire fighter and the investigation into what seems like now to be an unfortunate accident.


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