Spurs Reaching Out to Austin Fans Going to Games--By Helicopter

The San Antonio Spurs are moving aggressively to court high end Spurs fans in Austin, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Spurs Sports and Entertainment has constructed helicopter landing pads at the AT&T Center, to make it easier for Spurs fans who wants to catch a home game, but who don't want to be stuck during evening rush hour on I-35.

Lorne Abony, an Austin entrepreneur, has been a participant in the chopper trip to see the Spurs.

"We love the Spurs and we kind of commute by driving, and its getting worse and worse," he told News Radio 1200 WOAI.

Abony says many of his Austin friends now want to make the helicopter trip. He says it is a 'brilliant move' to tape into the Austin market by giving fans an opportunity to see a home game without having to spend three hours stuck on I-35.

"They come up in a little car and they drop you right at the door," he said. "It is literally a seamless experience."

Abony said this is another example of Austin and San Antonio goring together into a single Metropolitan Statistical Area.

"The gateway between Austin and San Antonio..both cities are exploding," he said. "But the fact that both cities are explosing means getting to and from is getting more difficult."

The Spurs, he said, 'did it right.'



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