UDC Wants Confederate Monument Back in Travis Park

Now that the City of San Antonio has agreed to return that Confederate monument which was removed from Travis Park two years ago to the United Daughter of the Confederacy, UDC attorney Thomas Crane says the group will seek permission to return it to the spot in the park where it stood for nearly 120 years, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Crane says it is an appropriate place, because a Confederate military hospital stood in the park during the Civil War.

"There was a lot of angst, a lot of despair,and a lot of suffering as people recovered from their war wounds in that spot," Crane said.

He says the monument has been sitting in a warehouse since it was removed by the city in September of 2017. The monument is the property of the UDC, which raised the money to build it in 1899.

"Travis Park was the muster point for a lot of units marching off to war, and for a lot of soldiers that was the last place they saw in San Antonio," he said.

Crane says the City in 1899 granted the UDC an easement to erect the statue in the park, but he cautions that an easement by statutue is not an ordinance, and will not be easily argued in court. He says the UDC would have to convince a court that it owns the land where the monument stood. He says he is hoping for some sort of compromise from the city, but none has been forthcoming so far.

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