Bexar County Opens Unique Heritage Center at the Courthouse.

Bexar County today opened its first of its kind Heritage Center in the Bexar County Courthouse, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

County Judge Nelson Wolff says the free museum will feature high tech video exhibitions covering more than 300 years of Bexar County history, including a modern crime investigation lab and a look at incerceration and criminal punishment in the 18th Century.

"It is interacive, film, great displays, technology state of the art," he said.

Wolff says the Heritage Center may be the first county museum of its kind in the state. It also includes exhibitions on the role of Bexar County in Spanish and Mexican development.

"Certainly our Spanish heritage, and if you go into the Courthouse, we have a display there of all of the Spanish exploration," he said.

Wolff says the Heritage Center also focuses on what Bexar County does. He says a lot of people don't understand the function of County government in the modern era, so they will see exhibitions on everything from the courts to the improvements of the local rivers to law enforcement.

One of the consultants for the Heritage Center is Dr. Bruce Winders, for a long time the official historian of the Alamo.

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