City's Domestic Violence Campaign Will Focus on Message 'Love Is...'

"If he hurts you, it isn't love. If he makes you feel small, it isn't love."

That will be the message behind the City of San Antonio's major initiative against domestic violence, unveiled this morning.

Mayor Nirenberg says in many ways, the term of 'love' will have to be redefined for many people who believe it involves violence and battering.

"This campaign invites everyone to look into their own relationships, especially when it involves ways that behaviors can hurt in ways that they may not even realize," Nirenberg said.

The campaign will begin with public service announcements based on the theme 'Love is...'

"Many times certain behaviors are rationalized by the user as 'showing love'," Nirenberg said. "Love, though, is empowering and supportive. Behaviors that hurt or belittle, those aren't love."

The campaign will take several aspects, from law enforcement, to redefining the way many young people think relationships work. Many learn from their earliest memories that 'daddy beating up mommy' is just how marriages and releaionships work, and they take those beliefs into their own relationships.

The program will also raise awareness of different types of non physical abuse, like 'financial abuse.'

San Antonio has one of the most series domestic violence problems of any city in the country. The issue was forced into consciousness during this year's campaign for mayor, when a candidate had to deal with a decade old domestic violence police report.