Fortune Teller Sentenced To Repay Texas Woman $1.6M

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A Texas medical student is receiving $1.6 after a lawsuit involving a fortune teller. The student was crying at a mall when a woman claiming to be a psychic said she could lift the crying woman's family curse. The self-proclaimed psychic spent the next seven years scamming the woman out of one-point-six-million dollars, which the judge has now ordered to be repaid. The now 28-year-old fortune teller was also sentenced to three years in prison.

Sherry Tina Uwanawich, 28, targeted a Houston woman, identified as "V.G." in court papers, she met in 2007, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

"Uwanawich gained the trust of the victim and convinced her that a curse had been placed on her and her family," according to a statement made by federal prosecutors earlier this week. "The defendant claimed she needed large sums of money to purchase items, such as crystals, candles and the like, which were needed for meditation work in order to lift the curse. Failure to do so, the victim was led to believe, would result in harm to her and family."

"The defendant would instruct the victim not to talk about or tell others about their meetings or the large sums of money that the victim was furnishing to the defendant, claiming that this would ruin the 'work,' " according to the indictment.


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