More Roundabouts Coming to Replace Traditional Intersections

Get ready for a roundabout to replace traditional intersections in a neighborhood near you, maybe in your neighborhood, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"This is all part of our neighborhood traffic calming program," City Traffic Engineer Lilly Banda said. "The mini roundabouts are just another item in our toolbox."

She says the mini roundabout, which is designed for neighborhood traffic, can be installed in a location where a traditional corner intersection is located, without having to acquire any more property. She says neighborhoods can request roundabouts in areas where traffic slowing is needed.

The roundabout uses a circular design to allow drivers to enter and exit onto other streets without stopping. Since it does not include a left turn, it is safer for both drivers and pedestrians, Banda said, and it also keeps traffic moving.

National studies show roundabouts can reduce injury crashes or fatalities by 75% compared with signalized intersections. They also increase traffic capacity, with fewer delays and improved peestrian mobility, and the are also easier for city crews to maintain so they reduce costs to taxpayers.

Banda says the plan is to install roundabouts on existing streets and in newly developed neighborhoods.

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