Border Patrol Rescues Mother and Two Small Children From Rio Grande

The Border Patrol in Eagle Pass has rescued three illegal immigrants, including two young children, who became trapped in the strong current of the Rio Grande while trying to wade into the U.S., News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The three Honduran nationals, a mother and two boys, aged three and five, entered the river with the woman carrying the younger boy and assisting the older child.

But they became stranded in high current waist deep water. The Border Patrol's Marine Unit was activated and it pulled them to safety.

“I am extremely proud of the lifesaving efforts put forth by Border Patrol agents in the Del Rio Sector,” said Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Raul L. Ortiz. “However, it is disheartening that families continue to put their lives and the lives of their children at risk of drowning and heat related injuries by crossing the dangerous Rio Grande River and through the surrounding desert.”

Since October, the Border Patrol agents in the Del Rio Sector along have rescued 470 people from the river and from the deadly heat in the Brush Country north of the river. That is more than four times the 107 people who were rescued by the same period last year.


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