Boeing Navy Contract Will be Major Boost to Port San Antonio

In a major boost to Port San Antonio and to the entire economy of San Antonio, Boeing has received a $164 million contract with the Navy to modernize the Super Hornet Combat jet, with the work to be done at Boeing's facility on the grounds of the former Kelly Air Force Base, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Jim Perschbach, who is the President of Port San Antonio, says not only will this contract mean 500 highly skilled, well paying jobs at Boeing, but the suppliers and support companies will benefit as well.

"Any time you see a big systems integrator like Boeing expand, you can expect all of the eco system that follows along with them to also expand," he said.

Perschbach says this will be a major boost to San Antonio's image, as a place that can do cutting edge critical aviation work better than any city in the country. He says it will show off the city's rapidly growing tech and aviation workforce, and the ability of the city to supervise a massive defense project.

"It is more than just taking these airplanes and modernizing them," he said. "It shows that application of new technologies, and that's what we in San Antonio have as our competitive advantage."

Perschbach says in the past year, Port San Antonio has added more than two thousand new, high paying, technical and skilled jobs, and this guarantees that the growth will continue.

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