All Major Texas Counties Now Have 'Majority Minority' Populations

Every major county in Texas is now 'majority minority,' according to a new report by the Pew Foundation, which studied Census Bureau data over the past twenty years, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Travis and Tarrant Counties, the last two major Texas counties to be 'majority white,' lost that situation in the past twenty years, according to Pew. They were among 23 Texas counties, including Medina and Gonzalez, which have switched from majority Anglo white to majority minority since the 2000 Census.

Pew says Anglo whites are now the majority in only four of the nation's 25 largest counties, with the counties which contain Phoenix, Seattle, Boston, and Palm Beach Florida the only remaining majority white counties. Eight of the nation's 25 largest counties switched from minority white to majority non-white in the past eight years.

Pew says a combination of the declining white population and the growing population of a wide variety of groups, largely Latinos, but there has also been a large increase in South Asian, East Asian, African, and Arabic populations in the past two decades, have led to the trend.

In Texas, major counties Bexar, El Paso, Dallas, Nueces, and Harris, have been majority minority for some time.

Other large Texas counties which switched from majority Anglo to majority minority in the past ten years include Midland, Victoria, Jefferson, and Potter.

The state of Texas has been majority minority since 2000, and is expected to become majority Hispanic by 2025.


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