"Gun Buy-Back Program" Considered for San Antonio

Two members of San Antonio City Council are proposing a controversial plan to deal with gun violence, in the wake of the El Paso shooting, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Council members Jada Andrews-Sullivan, who represents the East Side, and North Side Councilman John Courage, will unveil plans to ask the City Council to approve a gun buy-back program.

Andrews-Sullivan and Courage say it is 'time for elected representatives at all levels to take necessary action in order to protect our city and nearby communities.'

The two say they will file a 'Council Consideration Request' for the city wide gun buyback program.

Details have not been announced, but 'gun buy-backs' usually involve using either tax money or donated funds to pay people to turn over their guns to police. They have had mixed success in cities where they have been tried, and Police Chief Bill McManus has spoken out against them, saying they are not effective, and people often just take the money and use it to buy more guns.

Andrews-Sullivan and Courage say the 'buyback program's goal is to reduce gun violence by reducing the number of firearms in circulation and preventable, accidental deaths.'

"Despite the state's restrictions, the City of San Antonio has a responsibility toi act accordingly in the frame of state law," they say. "In 2017, according to the Center for Disease Control, there were 3513 firearm related deaths in Texas alone, making out state the numer one in gun-related deaths in the nation."

Other local initiatives have been proposed, including using the city's zoning authority to zone some areas as 'gun free.'

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