Plenty of Activity on 'Move In Day' at UTSA

Today is the biggest day of a lot of 18 and 19 year olds' lives. They are moving into their brand new dorm rooms today, ahead of the start of school on Monday. For many it is the first time in their lives they have ever lived away from their parents.

At UTSA, it is a busy day as students and parents do the dance of loading up TV sets, computers, and other must-haves and taking them into the dorm rooms.

Honesty Boone is a student and Resident Assistant from San Diego. She says if you went to college the seventies or eighties, you won't recognize today's dorm rooms, which are more like apartments than the traditional two-roommates-in-a-small-room-with-a-communal-bathroom-down-the-hall that you remember.

"Just having your own personal space, your bedroom, your bathroom, a small living environment actually, where you feel comfortable."

Many dorms today have living rooms and kitchens, with individual bedrooms for the residents, just like an apartment.

No more putting quarters into the washing machine at the laundromat, dorms today have washers and dryers installed, just like in mom and dad's house.

Honesty says more student probably choose a college on the strength of the quality of the dorms than on the quality of the professors.

"It has been shown that if you have a good housing experience, you are more likely to stay in the university," she said.

Because it is the first time away from home, UTSA dorms all have Residential Peer Coaches, who can work with the students on time management, reading, and other facets of 'adulting.'

Of course, Internet is a big deal, but students can also take advantage of spaces where professors can hold lectures, and work with the student.

About 2300 students are moving into UTSA dorms this weekend. Even students who go to the downtown campus are moving into dorms at the main campus on Loop 1604, where they will take shuttle buses to the downtown campus. There are plans to build several residence halls as part of UTSA's planned downtown expansion.

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