Local Schools Get A-F Grades

The Boerne, Alamo Heights and Comal ISD's take home grades of 'A' in the first every use of letter grades to rate the accountability of Texas public schools, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

During a stop in San Antonio today, Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath praised the districts,, and he said the letter grades allow districts in low income areas to shine, more than the previous accountability system.

"There are 296 campuses in the State of Texas where 80% or more of the kids are eligible for free or reduced price lunch, that got an 'A'," Morath said.

Morath made his comments at Kate Schenk Elementary School in the SAISD, which received a grade of 'A.' The SAISD overall received a 'B.'

The Harlandale, Northside, North East, Judson, and Southwest ISD's received 'B's, while the grade of 'C' was received by South San, Edgewood, and East Central.

"We have more 'A' this year than we got last year," Morath said. "93% of districts improved or maintained your grade level."

Some chronically underperforming schools will face being closed down by the state or taken over by the TEA due to poor ratings. 21 schools in the Houston ISD, for example, received a grade of 'F.'

Among local schools receiving 'F' grades are Smith Elementary in the San Antonio ISD, McAuliffe Middle School in the Southwest ISD, Roosevelt Elementary in the Edgewood ISD, Montgomery Elemetary in the North East ISD, Losoya Intermediate in the Southside ISD, Longfellow Middle School in the San Antonio ISD, Legacy Middle School in the East Central ISD, Kirby Middle School in the Judson ISD, Metzger Middle School in the Judson ISD, and Harmony Hills Elementary in North East,

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