Abbott to Create Task Force to Monitor 'White Supremacy'

Gov. Abbott today will respond to the El Paso shooting by creating a 'domestic terrorism task force' which will focus on seekign out and monitoring extremist 'White Supremacist' groups and individuals, News Radio 1200 WOAI reportls

The tazsk force will monitor web and social media traffic and obtain other intelligence to allow officials to be aware of people who harbor viewpoints that could be potentially dangerous to others.

Dena Marks with the 'Anti Defamation League' says the task force will have its work cut out. She says the ranks of 'White Supremacist' groups in Texas is on the rise.

"I can't put my finger on one particular thing that is fueling it," she said. "I can tell you it has rown very quickly from 2015 until now."

The El Paso gunman told police in an interview bluntly that he drove from the Dallas suburb of Allen to El Paso specifically because he 'wanted to kill Hispanics.' In a 'manifesto' posted just before the shooting, the gunman raged about an 'invasion of America' which he was afraid would turn Texas into a Democrat-majority state.

Marks says the quick and easy availability of web sites which echo White Supremacist slogans are certainly helping strengthen the dangerous movement.

"When somebody who has a tendancy toward hate sees hate speech on line or hate speech posted somewhere, they fell more emboldened," she said.

And that may make the person more likely to try to turn words into actions, knowing that there are people who will praise violent actions. Already, a man who opened fire on a Mosque in Norway last weekend said he was 'inspired' by the El Paso shooter.

Abbott also plans to beef up anti-gang units of local police and the DPS, with an assignment to focus on 'White Nationalist' groups..

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