Bexar Dems Reject Bill Miller, Pearl, Boycott Over Castro 'Enemies List'

The Bexar County Democratic Party Tuesday night scuttled a resolution calling for a boycott of Bill Miller's Barbecue and the Pearl, after key figures in both of the operations appeared on Congressman Joaquin Castro's 'Enemies List' of Trump donors, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The resolution was introduced by the LGBTQ friendly Stonewall Democrats organization.

Bill Miller founder Balous Miller and Pearl developer Kit Goldsbury were both on Castro's flawed list of Trump donors who he said are 'funding hate.' But it turned out that several of the people on the list are also donors to his own and his brother's campaigns, and at least two say they never donated to Trump and their names were on the list mistakenly. Several House Republicans are calling for an ethics investigation into Castro's activity.

The decision last night to 'table' the boycott resolution, which is tantamount to killing it, comes after Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff wrote an open letter to party chair Monica Alcantara pointing out that Bill Miller is exactly the sort of corporation that Democrats claim to value.

"Bill Miller has a stellar reputation, treat their employees well, and provide quality products to the community," Wolff wrote.

Wolff wrote that a boycott would attempt to damage a company that does many of the things Democrats demand of employers, including paying above minimum wage, providing tuition reimbursement to employees, and supporting programs in low income neighborhoods.

"They donated nine acres west of downtown to UTSA, during a time when there was no four eyar university available to south and west side students," Wolff said.

He also pointed out Bill Miller's many charitable efforts, including funding scholarships for DACA recipients, a cause that Democrats are supposed to support. He points out Bill Miller funds scholarships through the Stock Show and Rodeo, supports the Mama Patrol school crossing guards in the San Antonio ISD, sponsors the Komen Race for the Cure, Habitat for Humanity, and other similar organizations.

"Bill Miller is a local company and is deeply rooted in our community," Wolff wrote. "Instead of boycotting, you should reach out to Bill Miller to address any concerns you may have."


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