A Bit of Hollywood is Appearing in New Braunfels, and Not in a Good Way!

When money is used in the movies, it is not real money, because insurance companies won't insure the stacks of cash frequently needed for 'heist' flicks. So producers use 'movie money,' which looks enough like the real thing to appear realistic on camera, but, of course, is not legal tender. Except, apparently, in New Braunfels.

New Braunfels Police tell News Radio 1200 WOAI movie money has been passed at stores in the city, and has been accepted by harried clerks as the real thing.

They say while hundred dollar bills in movie money have a photo of Ben Franklin on them, they can be easily discerned by people who take a second to look a the bills.

First of all, it has 'FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY' printed prominently in several places on the bill. Instead of 'In God we Trust,' something movie-like, as 'In props we trust' is printed on the national seal. Frequently, it has Asian lettering on the bills, and, of course, it is made of actual stationery, not the unique rag paper used to make bills, so it feels different.

It is frequently larger than regular bills, to make it easier to appear on camera.

Police say if you have seen money like this, call them at 830-221-4100. The police stress that the person who is passing the note may not realize it is fake, so it may not be a confrontational case. They just want to make sure unsuspecting merchants are not scammed.


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