Councilman: Construction Near Homes Needs to Quiet Down!

San Antonio is growing, but one City Council member wishes it wouldn't be quite so noisy about it.

North side Councilman John Courage, flanked by several homeowners association leaders, today pushed for a city ordinance that would require that 'exterior construction within 300 feet of an inhabited, residential structure be suspended during specific nighttime hours.'

Courage says the Council Consideration Request has received the support of the four other members of Council needed to bring it up before a Council Committee, which is expected to happen later this month.

Courage says people need to get 'peace and quiet' at night, and sometimes construction projects don't help.

Many commercial and residential building construction projects continue during the evening in an attempt to meet construction deadlines. Highway construction projects often take place after dark to avoid traffic tie ups durign the day, but they are less likely to be happening within 300 feet of a home.


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