Study: Smarter Cars Lead to Dumber Drivers

Smarter cars lead to dumber drivers. That is the conclusion of a study done by State Farm Insurance in Texas on the effectiveness of new tech like lane assist and adaptive cruise control on the behavior of drivers of those cars.

Spokesman Chris Pilcic says the more fancy tech a driver has, the less likely the driver is to pay attention to the road.

"What we found in this survey is that many drivers who are using these features may be participating in unsafe driving behaviors, like reading and sending messages, writing messages, talking with the phone in their hand."

The study shows 42% of drivers with this modern tech in their vehicle admit to video chatting while driving, compared with fewer than 20% of drivers of older vehicles that don't have the technology.

"These new technologies are tremendously promising in reducing the severity and frequency of accidents," he said. "But they are designed to assist us as drivers, not to replace us."

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