How Does the S.A. Zoo Keep the Animals Cool in This Hot Weather?

We can go inside during these triple digit temperatures, we can allow our pets to come inside, but what about the animals at the San Antonio Zoo?

News Radio 1200 WOAI reports special steps are being taken at the zoo to allow the animals, especially animals which aren't as used to this heat as we are, cool down.

Animal Care Manager Kat Wheaton says they will provide ice baths to come of the creatures who take to it.

"They do seem to enjoy and interact with all the cool ice enrichment that we give them."

They also give the animals giant ice cubes to lick.

"Our spectacle bear, he will take his big ice cube into his pool, and swim around with it, and push it around."

And, for meat eating animals, there is the ultimate cool treat, kind of a carnivore's idea of a Slurpee...a block of frozen blood.

"That could include food for some of their diet, and blood for some of our carnivores."

She says it also gives the zookeepers an opportunity to talk with zoo visitors are what animals eat.


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