S.A. Has Handled 29,000 Refugees So Far,With No Reimbursement from the Feds

San Antonio has processed some 29,000 immigrants and asylum seekers over the past few months as the Border Patrol has tried to ease the backlog of refugees appearing at the border, but Assistant City Manager Colleen Bridger says the city and the non profits like the Food Bank, Catholic Charities, and the Travis Park Church have yet to see a dime in reimbursement from the federal government, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"We provide food, we provide three meals a day, hot meals a day, thanks to the food bank," Bridger told City Council.

"Every asylum seeker who comes through the Migrant Resource Center, or the Travis Park Church gets a hygiene kit, with a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant."

She says the City, the Church, and other non profits also have been providing shelter for the migrants, most of whom are families with children, including overnight accommodations, and in some cases have been purchasing bus tickets for migrants who don't have the money to get to their eventual destinations, mainly on the east and west coasts.

She says the migrants who have passed through San Antonio come from all around the world.

"A lot of folks from Central America, Honduras, Guatamala, El Salvador, but we are also continuing to see migrants from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angloa, and Haiti."

She says all migrants who come from places were diseases are rampant receive full medical checkups and migrants who arrive sick receive more intense medical treatment.

She estimates the total cost of caring for these migrants so far has been $1.2 million. She says the Federal Emergency Management Agency has a set of application guidelines to apply for migrant related reimbursements, but so far, the application process has not opened, and FEMA has not given any indication when it will open.