Both of the New Braunfels Zebras Have Now Died

Both of the zebras that escaped from a wild animal ranch near New Braunfels and were seen wandering up and down city streets have now died, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Police spokesman Dave Ferguson says the zebra that had been tranquilized and rescued from the Loop 337 area last night died before being returned home to the ranch.

One zebra was captured, tranquilized, and rescued by police last night, but Police spokesman David Ferguson says that zebra died today after returning to its ranch.

The second zebra also returned to its pen, but escaped again early today, and was found dead.

Officials say the zebras escaped from a ranch where exotic animals are displayed, and swam across the Guadalupe River to get into New Braunfels.

The roaming zebras in New Braunfels made national news overnight, as they walked, trotted, and galloped up and down city streets.

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